Compensation Claims after the War of Independence and Civil War 

The Damage to Property (Compensation) Act 1923 was passed by the Oireachtas on May 12th of that year. The goal of this legislation was to facilitate claims for damages to personal property that occurred after July 11th 1921 – the date of the Truce between the Irish Republican Army and the forces of the crown, and up to March 20th 1923 – covering the period of the Irish Civil War also. In 1933, the act was amended to allow for claims for the period April 24th 1916 – May 12th 1923.

Ballymacoda and its surrounds were not exempt from damages during the war of independence and civil war, and I have been researching the records available in the National Archives of Ireland to examine what post truce claims were made by people from the Ballymacoda area. The records offer us a perspective on how the struggles affected the community, underscoring the real impacts on ordinary individuals. The claims that are recorded range from damage to property to the theft of clothing. The claims were administered by the County Court. For each claim, the name and address of the claimant was listed, along with details of the claim, the location of the incident, the date it occurred, and if possible the perpetrators were identified.

Below are the claims in the records for the Ballymacoda area. Interestingly, the events of three are listed as having occurred on the same date – January 30th 1923. On the this date, McLoughlin’s public house in the village was raided, clothes were stolen from a Mrs. Rumley, and Shanahan’s shop was raided for tobacco.

All claims that follow here are listed verbatim as they appear in the available records in the National Archives.

Norah K Neville O’Brien, Aghavine House, Ballymacoda, County Cork

Seizure and destruction of bicycle at Aghavine, County Cork, by unknown persons on 13 September 1920; damage to wall and destruction of trees at Aghavine, County Cork, on 6 November 1920; seizure of property, damage to wall and destruction of trees at Aghavine, County Cork, on 16 April 1921; damage to car and seizure of horse and trap at Aghavine, County Cork, by unknown persons on 24 June 1921; destruction of trees at Aghavine, County Cork, on 15 July 1921; damage to applicant’s land at Aghavine, County Cork, due to traffic between April 1921 and July 1921.

Elizabeth A McLoughlin, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

Raiding of public house and seizure of money by unidentified armed men on 30 January 1923.

Margaret Rumley, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

Seizure of clothes by unidentified armed men who said they were acting on behalf of Irregular forces on 30 January 1923.

John O’Donoghue, shopkeeper, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

Goods and provisions, including meals, liquor and 1 overcoat, seized at same address by the IRA between August 1921-April 1923.

Ellen Cashman, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

Provisions, including coal, tea, butter and drapery goods, seized at same address by the IRA in August 1922 and January 1923.

John Motherway, Ballycrenane, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

One bicycle seized at same address by the IRA in June 1921.

Mary Teresa Shanahan, shopkeeper, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

One side of bacon, cash and 2 buckets supplied at same address to the IRA in August 1922; premises raided and quantities of tobacco seized by the IRA on 30 January 1923.

George Glennon, Curraheen, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

One bicycle commandeered at Corralea, County Roscommon by armed men on 6 June 1922.

Michael Connery, Glenawilling, Ballymacoda, County Cork

Four tons of hay and 6 tons of straw burned and destroyed at Glenawilling, County Cork, by unknown persons on 17 March 1923.

William Wigmore, Ballydaniel, Ballymacoda, County Cork.

Destruction by fire of hay stocks by unknown persons on 14 July 1921.

Mary Linehan, Ardnahinch Post Office, Garryvoe, County Cork.

Damage to property and cattle driven from land at Ballydaniel, Ballymacoda, County Cork, by unknown persons from 25 November 1922 to 30 November 1922.

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