Emigrants to the United States

This page tracks emigrants to the United States from Ballymacoda, Co. Cork. It is organized by the decade in which the person emigrated.

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This page is updated regularly as my research in this area progresses and is refined.


1840 – 1849

Catherine Long was born in Ballymacoda about 1815, the daughter of James Long & Catherine Lee. She married John ‘Red’ Cullinane also from Ballymacoda in 1837 (they later used the surname ‘Clinnin’ in the US). They emigrated to the US in 1847 and lived in Kane, Illinois. She died on August 10th, 1902.
John ‘Red’ Cullinane was born in Ballymacoda in 1817. He married Catherine Long in June 1837, and the emigrated to the US in 1847. They later used the surname ‘Clinnin’ in the US. They had 6 children, and John worked his way to owning 200 acres of farmland. He died in Kane County, Illinois in July 1884.
John O’Brien was born in Ballymacoda on September 15th 1815. He emigrated to the US in 1846, first settling in Boston. He married Catherine Morrissey on 21st August 1850 in Chicopee, Massachusetts, eventually having 12 children. Catherine (born 1830) was from Ballyhimikin.
Two of his sons ended up writing for ‘The Irish Standard‘, which carried his obituary on March 16th, 1889 after John died in Prescott, Wisconsin on March 12th of that year.

1850 – 1859

John O’Neill was born in Ballymacoda on June 24th 1831, the son of Michael O’Neill and Johanna Laughlin. He emigrated to the US in 1850, ending up in Quincy, Illinois where he married Mary Cadogan in 1859. He died in Lompoc, Santa Barbara, California on June 17th 1917.
Mary Motherway was born in Ballymacoda in 1802. She married Daniel O’Neill from Shanagarry in 1830, and they emigrated to America in April 1851, arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana. She died in Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois on November 12th, 1879 and was buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery.
Catherine Helena Fitzgerald was born in Ballymacoda on Apr 19th 1847, and arrived in the US in 1853 as a child when her parents emigrated. She married Patrick Frances Cunningham in 1870, himself an Irishman from Clara. She died on 5th Nov 1910 in Dubuque, Iowa.
Hanora Barry was born in Ballymacoda on May 31st 1848, the daughter of John Barry and Margaret Flynn. Her family emigrated while she was just a child, between 1850 & 1853. She married Michael Francis Wallace in Burlington, Iowa on October 19th 1868, and they lived in Wapello, Louisa County in Iowa. She died on March 5th 1927 in Burlington, Iowa.
John Kenah was born in Ballymacoda in 1826. He emigrated to the US in April 1857, arriving in Castle Garden, New York. He married Mary Rourke from Killarney, County Kerry in Montclair, New Jersey in May 1864. They lived in Caldwell, Essex County, New Jersey, where John died on February 23rd 1902.
Mary White was born in Ballymacoda in October 1838, the daughter of James White and Elizabeth Maguire. She arrived in the US in 1859, initially residing at Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, where she married John Condon from Mitchelstown in 1861. She died in Ramsey County, Minnesota in September 1929.

1860 – 1869

Edmond Stack was born in Ballymacoda on 23rd December 1844. He emigrated to the US at the age of 19, arriving in New York in 1864. He returned to Ireland in 1876 to marry Margaret Fitzgerald, and lived in Cobh for a period, before once again returning to the US, where he died in Syracuse, New York on 18th October 1892.
John Collins was born in Monagoul, Ballymacoda in November 1838, the son of Richard Collins and Mary Collins (née Walsh). He emigrated to the US, and later married Ellen Dwyer from Shanballymore in November 1865. They lived in Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA, where John died in April 1925.
Nora Jane Buckley was born in Ballymacoda in 1851. Her family emigrated to the US in 1866. She married Patrick Byrne from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, himself a son of Irish emigrants, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1885. She died on October 2nd 1940, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, and was buried in St Patrick Cemetery in Montrose.

1870 – 1879

Margaret (Maggie) Burke was born in Ballymacoda on March 28th 1856, the daughter of Patrick Burke & Catherine Ahern. She arrived in the US in 1878, where she married Patrick Moran in Worcester, Massachusetts in May 1881. Patrick died in 1884 and she remarried William Fleming from Abbeyside, County Waterford the following year. She died on February 29th, 1940 and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester.

1880 – 1889

John Lawton was born in Warren, Ballymacoda in August 1860 and emigrated to the United States in 1882. He became a police officer and eventually a sergeant in St. Louis, Missouri, where he died in September 1915.
Thomas F. Russell was born in Ballymacoda in April 1867, the son of Thomas G. Russell and Elizabeth Quinn. His family emigrated to the US in 1882, and lived at Taunton in Bristol County, Massachusetts. He married Catherine Twiss from Providence, Rhode Island, herself a daughter of Irish emigrants, in August 1890. Catherine died in 1912, and he remarried a Cork woman, Johanna Keeffe, in April 1914. His son, Thomas Leo Russell, fought in WWI and died in France in 1918. Thomas himself died in Taunton on March 28th 1927.

1890 – 1899

John Joseph Talbot was born in Ballymacoda on March 28th 1870, the son of James Talbot and Ellen Cotter. He emigrated to the US in 1890, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts. In April 1896, he married Maria Haggerty from Wales. He died on April 25th 1940, in Wakefield, Middlesex, Massachusetts and was buried in Forest Glade Cemetery.
Bartholomew Murray was born in Knockadoon, Ballymacoda on February 28th 1877. He emigrated to the US in 1898. In April 1909, he married Nora Marie O’Malley from Glassillaun, Co. Galway, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He died on June 3rd 1964 in Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts and was buried in Highland Cemetery.


1920 – 1930

Jeremiah Shea was born in Knockadoon on July 22nd, 1892, and emigrated to the United States in 1920, arriving in New York on November 11th of that year having started his journey across the Atlantic in Liverpool. His wife was Margaret Carr, an Irish woman from Co. Galway – who worked as a cook for then US President Calvin Coolidge. She & Jeremiah had met in summer 1925 at ‘White Court’, the so called ‘summer White House’, and they married later that year. Jeremiah died in Plymouth, Massachusetts on June 27th, 1980 with Margaret having predeceased him in 1977.